Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Over 100 NYPD Officers Refuse to Work in Support of Occupy Wall Street Movement

Over 100 NYPD Officers Refuse to Work in Support of Occupy Wall Street Movement

UPDATED Sept. 27, 2011 at 8:29 PM - MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell is siding with the Occupy Wall Street movement and comments about police brutality. Video below.

September 27, 2011 - TAMPA, FL - In a bizarre twist of fate, a growing movement of New York City Police Department officers are banding together with the Occupy Wall Street movement, while the main stream media continues to relatively ignore this escalating event.

The Occupy Wall Street movement issued the following statement on their website:

"Today we received unconfirmed reports that over one hundred blue collar police refused to come into work in solidarity with our movement. These numbers will grow. We are the 99 percent. You will not silence us."


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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ELENIN UPDATE: ELENIN gets BLASTED by Mysterious Unknown Source! | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Tropical Depression Twelve: Guess Where it's heading? | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database

Tropical Depression Twelve: Guess Where it's heading? | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database 

The spaghetti maps are out for Tropical Depression Twelve and the early reports seem to have it heading to the northeast again. While hurricanes are a rare occurrence in the northeast, this could possibly mark the second hurricane to visit the northeast in several weeks. Hurricane Irene caused widespread flooding and power outages in many areas, so the timing of this potential storm could be quite ominous.
For updated spaghetti maps, please click here

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UFOs Over London Friday 2011 - UFO fleet over Tower Bridge London 6/24/2011

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

UFO Sighting with Multiple Witnesses Arrives Ahead of Hurricane Irene in New York City | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shocking Photos of the Damage in Florida from Hurricane Irene

Shocking Photos of the Damage in Florida from Hurricane Irene 

The following photographs from Hurricane Irene's damage in Florida may be distressing to some people. Please view at your own discretion.

Shocking Photos of the Damage in Florida from Hurricane Irene

Shocking Photos of the Damage in Florida from Hurricane Irene

Shocking Photos of the Damage in Florida from Hurricane Irene

hurricane damage

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Monday, July 25, 2011

RED HOT Twitter Trend: #fuckyouwashington : Are YOU awake?

Right now, there is an amazing trend happening on Twitter, started by Jeff Jarvis, who is fed up with the way the U.S. government is running the United States into the ground with excessive spending, illegal wars, support for Wall Street and continuous bailouts and tax breaks for all major corporations while the average American citizen foots the bill.

In the words of David Icke, "The few control the many".  It has become blatantly obvious that there is a global awakening going on at an exponential pace.  We have witnessed this in many other countries who are also fighting oppression and tyranny. 

Even those who were previously "asleep" are starting to see the big picture. It is important to keep in mind a proper perspective of any main stream media news:  Do not view it as fear mongering, but as a tool to expedite the awakening.  No matter what the elite try to do from this point forward, it will inevitably fail, creating even more of an awakening.  In the meanwhile, PEACEFUL protests will help to facilitate change.

The world is ready for a complete reconstruction of currency, political structure, educational standards and religious reformation beginning with the Roman Catholic Church and holding those select pedophiles responsible for their actions.  While there are many good people of all religious denominations, please keep in mind that religion = subservience, control and conformity, the same template as EVERY government.

With this in mind, here are

24 Questions: Are You Awake?

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

We've been taught to assume the truth about everything presented to us without questioning the origin of the initial facts. For example, in the United States, we were taught that the attack on Pearl Harbor brought the United States into WW2, yet were not taught how many United States companies profited from funding both sides of the war, nor we we taught how George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, personally helped to fund both sides of WW2. Had we been taught this in school, would either George H. or George W. Bush have become president? I doubt it, but that's how propaganda has affected us as a global civilization.

With that in mind, what thoughts do you question? Here are a few to think about:

1. What are our true origins and where did we come from?

2. Explain how the differences in this planet’s races evolved. Some say mankind originated in the Middle East or in Africa, and then people migrated, causing the change in skin color. Perhaps that would explain skin color, but explain the facial differences of people from Asian decent and how this would be a biological change from evolution. Is it possible that we were ALL seeded here instead of Darwin’s theory of evolution?

3. If the bible dates our existence to approximately 4,000 BC, then how do people explain the pyramids on the Giza plateau, which date back to over 10,000 years ago?

4. Who built the underwater pyramids in the China Sea, which are estimated to be 12,000 years old?

5. Somehow, we went from homo habilis to homo erectus to homo sapien without any gradual changes in between lineages. How do you explain the lineage of mankind?

6. What are the true meanings behind these pictures?

roman catholic church serpent 2012  roman catholic church serpent 2012

7. How did cultures from other continents come up with the same 2012 end date without any means to communicate with one another?

8. Why did we go from a naturally harmonic calendar to the current and inharmonious Gregorian calendar?

9. Is it possible that those who “fear” God are giving their power to the church instead of keeping it for themselves?

10. Is it possible that the God mentioned in the Bible is a fallen angel?
11. Is it possible that the Roman Catholic Church supports the Luciferian Doctrine while the Protestant Church supports the Satanic Doctrine?

12. Why is god assumed to be a man? Why can’t god be a woman? Why can’t god be, “the source” without religious or gender connotations?

13. Why should anyone “fear god”? If this is an all-loving being, then why be scared of him (or her)?

14. If Jesus was so amazing, then why didn’t people write about him when he was alive? Even if the people were illiterate, they could still draw pictures. Even the cavemen documented UFO’s and aliens.

15. Why does the Roman Catholic Church have the most high-powered telescopes pointed toward the skies?

16. If Thoth and Quetzalcoatl are the same person, and Thoth is considered to be a Reptilian, is it possible the Mayans (and other civilizations with a 2012 end date) got their information from aliens?

17. Why do people assume the bible is the ultimate “truth”? Why don’t more people question the origins of the bible?

18. Why doesn’t the bible acknowledge UFO’s and extra-terrestrials? Did “God” create them as well? If so, then why do ET’s have advanced intelligence over human beings? If not, then explain ET’s.

19. There are 3 city states located in Washington, DC (which controls the world’s laws), London (banks) and the Vatican City (religion). Is it possible that the bible was written to get people to become subservient? Is it possible the bible was the original template for New World Order? Does anyone see the correlation between blind faith and being controlled by others?

20. The Roman Catholic Church removed the Books of Enoch from the bible, which stated all will be revealed in this present world. He also mentioned a wondrous civilization in the past that misused the keys of higher knowledge (presumably Atlantis). Why were these writings eliminated from the bible and why did the bible neglect to mention of previous civilizations?

21. Is it possible that the December 21, 2012 end date is a reference point to the end of a time matrix in which a particular agenda must be accomplished, e.g. either New World Order (NWO) or ascension?

22. Why do we work 8+ hours each day to support the elite? Was this part of our true divine reason for incarnating here or is it to distract us from that reason?

23. Assuming there are advanced beings of life, would you imagine ET’s have “money” and work 8+ hours a day for the elite?

24. If there was no such thing as “money” what would YOU be doing with your life?

We live in a society that rewards those who follow the flock and ridicules those who think outside the box. This paradigm is changing as evidenced by the uncovered atrocities of 9/11 as more and more people awaken to seek the real truth behind who they are and who they represent.

If you are one of these people, I commend you. If you are still asleep, then perhaps it's time that you begin searching for some answers. The bottom line is to question everything, because most of what we have been taught is not the complete truth.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

NASA quietly moves Comet Elenin info on Events from August 2011 to September 2011

Speculation surrounds the decision by NASA to move information about Comet ELENIN

In the events section of NASA's Year of the Solar System webpage, information about Comet ELENIN was moved from the August 2011 events to the September 2011 events. The details of the Comet ELENIN event have not been changed, yet speculation remains as to why this move was made by NASA.

see full size images at original in5d link here


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